Friday, April 2, 2010

Battle at Valhalas

The other day I was finishing up the quest chain The Sum is Greater than the Parts when I got to the final quest, which is 6 quest in all. I was a bit worried about the quests since they were rated Suggested players: 5

Battle at Valhalas is the start of the final 6 quests.
  1.  Battle at Valhalas: Fallen Heroes
  2.  Battle at Valhalas: Khit'rix the Dark Master
  3.  Battle at Valhalas: The Return of Sigrid Iceborn
  4.  Battle at Valhalas: Carnage!
  5.  Battle at Valhalas: Thane Deathblow
  6.  Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge
I had not read up yet on [Wowhead] how to complete the quests and was getting ready to do so when another player flappied in (  Cruelnight   )   and asked if we could group to do the quests together. I told them sure, let me check to see what potions and meats I had on hand then I would be ready to go.

After checking my bags, I tossed a Sporeling Snack to Skollbane and proceeded to eat a Fisherman's Feast for myself.  Cruelnight asked if I had any extra buff foods to spare, as he wasn't expecting 6 fights total, told him I would check to see what I had and proceeded to trade with him. 

With Cruelnight being a deathknight and me being a BM hunter we figured we could 2 man/1 pet these 5 player mobs with little difficulty. We decided to trade off on accepting the quest to be fair, so I took the lead and started us off.

Fallen heros was a quick tank and spank of the 6 heros ( Eldreth, Geness Half-Soul, Jhadras, Masud, Rith, and Talla.) with little or no real damage done to us. we both commented if it is going to be like this we are going to finish this in no time.

Khit'rix the Dark Master:  This dude looked impressive Cruelnight started the attack on him with me sending in Skollbane. I went through my shot rotation watching my cooldown best I could and with in about 45 seconds we had him down. not bad, this was a bit too easy it seemed.

The Return of Sigrid Iceborn: this is were things got tricky. Cruel started the fight, with me sending in Skollbane. This is where I wished I would have read up on Wowhead about this fight. This boss had a freeze effect on it, first off I was in too close because I was trying to lay an Immolation Trap so Sigrid would hit it.
we all got froze at the wrong time, thus getting wiped.  Spirit air (as I call it) back to our bodies and start over again. this time we were aware of the freeze and Cruel buffed himself for it. 30 seconds later another one bites the dust.

Carnage!: After rebuffing and eating we pulled and was a quick easy fight, I only had to throw a few pet mends at Skollbane till his Bloodthirsty kicked in and it did.  finished this fight in about 45 seconds, not bad for what the other boss's/mobs were like.

Thane Deathblow:  this dood was a bit tougher than we expected. The leap followed by the whirlwind was not expected and Cruel and I both got caught in it.  We quickly adapted to this fight keeping out of the way of the whirlwind best we could. several time I came close to loosing Skollbane, even with pet mend going out every 3rd shot.  we finally got the boss killed, both of us down to about 25% health each. This was a tough fight all the way around.

Final Challenge: After getting health/mana/ buffed againg, Cruel made a comment this is the last boss of this fight and will be tougher than the rest. He asked if it was ok to ask one of his fellow guildies to help out, I told him sure, have no problems with that at all. I had checked to see what guildies of mine were online and was showing none, so I was no help there.  Cruel said he had a healer on the way over and invited them to the group.   And true to all final bosses this one was a tough one, fire shield and fireball attacks.  The healer and I got to the edge of his fireball range and started in with attacks/heals.  Cruel and Skollbane fighting in the middle of the ring.  when the shield came up, we started dodging all the fire balls best we could, they hit  for about 5k  and leave a DOT on you as well.  when we got him down to about 25% health it looked like he was going to do us in when I remembered my war drums, not sure which one I used but it was enough to down him.

With the final quest done we congrat each other for a job well done, ask if it ok to add to friends list, then we went on our different ways to finish up other quests.  Cruelnight it was fun doing those quest with you, and hope you get to read the blog .

Happy hunting



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